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       Capturing Authentic Leadership

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Driven by the expertise of our Leadership Team, Redeemed Management & Consulting LLC offers a wealth of experience in the public, private, and non-profit area of management and executive leadership. Our team is expertly equipped to assess and address a greater number of variables that may impede optimal organizational functioning.

Every leader should know about Authentic Leadership
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"Capturing Authentic Leadership"


Redeemed Management & Consulting LLC is a full-service and comprehensive consulting firm.

3rd N Long Newsletter - Volume 7 Issue 4 PDF Print E-mail
Created on : 2014-04-07

Inside This Issue

  • Charting Your Organization’s Impact
  • Message from the President
  • Consulting Focus: Organic Growth
  • Industry Perspectives

Charting Your Organization’s Impact

Stakeholders in your organization care that your organization is making a difference, but often have a hard time finding information about the impact your organization has been having. Charting and quantifying impact helps your organization tell your story in an understandable and succinct way.  Quantifying your business benefits helps you sell more products or services.  This helps customers and prospects understand what the actual impact could be for them.

The process of charting impact encourages strategic thinking about how to achieve your organization’s goals.  You should also create reports that let you share concise, detailed information about plans and progress with key stakeholders, including the public.  Several benefits of doing so include:

  • Encouraging people to invest their money, time, and attention in your organization.
  • Helping your organization highlight the difference you make.
  • Positioning your organization to work with and learn from other organizations.
Last Updated on : 2014-04-07
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